New Horizons
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1 was worried. The Foundation had a leak and they were hopelessly underprepared to respond to it. 1 hurriedly told his bodyguard to prepare transport to Site-Omega. 1 Sent an emergency broadcast to all the other Overseers, calling for an emergency meeting at Site-Omega and a preparation for the Broken Masquerade Scenario that was taking place. He was considering plans as he was waiting for the transport to arrive.

2 had been busy at the time of the leak and found out too late to prevent the consequences resulting in the Broken Masquerade scenario. 2 quickly checked his phone to see 1's emergency broadcast calling for a meeting at Site-Omega, 2's factorium spoke up as 2 quickly got ready, "We need to hurry, and we need a plan."
"I agree." 2 replied while pulling on the warded gauntlets.
"Full amnestics?"
"Maybe, let's wait to see the other proposals first."

3 after receiving the broadcast from 1 woke with a leap and called his Factorum too him. He marched down the hall of the East wing of Site-Omega, as he passed MTF operatives of Alpha-1 he signalled for them to prepare the meeting rooms and council chambers for emergency meetings.

4 had heard the news about the leak and was busy trying to organize MTF's and disinformation assets to gain control and deny the existence of anomalies, The Foundation, and all the other files that had been dumped on the internet. A short while later his phone pinged with the emergency broadcast requesting for a meeting at Site-Omega, "Prepare some transport to Omega."
"Right away sir," His Bodyguard replied.
4 told the disinformation assets to keep trying to suppress the leak and left to head for Site-Omega.

5 was exercising in the gym at Omega when the broadcast went out and quickly hurried to get changed and back to the main meeting chambers while his bodyguard and factorium hurried to find out what had caused the broadcast and the plans that they could use to counter it.

6 woke up in the middle of the night to his phone vibrating, which was odd considering that only two people had his number and there was nothing major he thought they would need him for now. As he flicked it open to check the message he saw the first part only and jumped out of bed quicker than many thought humanly possible and ran out of his quarters down the hall towards the council chambers. Leaving his phone turned on lying on his bed with the text "Broken Masquerade scenario, Foundation Leak," facing towards the ceiling.

7 was quickly checking lists upon lists of her informants and looking for any clue of the leak inside of the Foundation could be. Having decided that it was not a fault of her doing or from lack of intelligence gathering. She prepared to travel to Omega and present her findings of the leak to the other council members.

8 had been on his way to Site-19 with his factorums when the alert went out and immediately ordered the driver to turn around and start back towards Site-Omega. He arrived with a greeting to 3 and 5 and quickly took his seat before getting his thoughts into order and preparing for the coming meeting.

9 was watching one of his pet projects when his Factorium came for him. He walked calmly from the room and down the stairs towards his helicopters to travel to Omega. He was being briefed on the trip over by his Factorium. "As far as we know the Foundations entire network has been dropped on the internet, Disinformation efforts are underway but appear to be failing. I suggest that we outline a plan for a proposal.

10 had known this was coming, he was the archivist and was the only one to know everything that had happened in the other universes, and this time he was going to act accordingly and propose the right proposal. He calmly walked down the stairs towards the council chambers giving out a few orders to prepare his decision upon the leak.

11 was up late writing a dossier for the ethics committee to review and decide on new procedures for several humanoid SCP's. When the alert came through the intercom she quickly put on some clothes and walked to her personal quarters to gather some personal files before quickly marching on towards the chamber.

12 was inspecting Site-01 as it was being refurbished. He was just finishing signing off on the order for his personal office hen the broadcast came through and he quickly entered the old council chamber and activated his laptop to join the Meeting from afar. His two bodyguards took up positions outside of the council chambers as his Factorium came to join him

13 waited for the broadcast watching the chaos unfold as the other council members heard slowly one by one about the leak and prepared their answers to the problem. 13 called over one of her factorums, "We have to be ready for their proposals. Make sure they cant trace the leaks back to us."
"I will, but we should maybe guarantee this working for us." The factorum replied.
"We don't need to ten will have this working for us and we shall just wait."

New Horizons
As the video monitor was connected broadcasting 12's face to the council chamber, 1 started to prepare the speech he had been working on to address the reason for the emergency meeting.
"You should all know why we are gathered here and what the current problems facing us are, however for the record I will repeat the reasons for this emergency meeting, the Foundation has a leak as the entire SCP Database plus projects of high-value research has been uploaded to the internet, this represents a threat to the survival of the veil protocol and the Foundations ability to continue working in the dark to protect the light. We are gathered here today to decide what to do with the potential loss of the veil protocol and the Foundations response to the Broken Masquerade Scenario. Now, are there any immediate proposals to be put forward?."

2 immediately spoke up "I would like to lay forth before this council the option that we fully scrub the internet and all documents containing our files until we find the person responsible for the leak and punish them suitably."

10 listened in the full to 2's proposal before speaking up "I would like to counter 2's proposal and offer that we break the veil and make a broadcast to the world that all of this is real and happens. Also, I suggest that we activate contingency Initiative ECA and its sub divisions."

Proposal: Scrub the internet and forcibly remove all the files relating to a breach until we can find and destroy the leak.
Proposed: 2
Votes for: 2, 3, 5, 6
Abstained: 4, 9, 12, 13
Votes against: 1, 7, 8, 10, 11
Result: Proposal Failed.

Proposal: Break down the veil protocol and Activate project ECA.
Proposed: 10
Votes for: 1, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13
Abstained: 4, 12
Votes against: 2, 3, 5, 6, 9
Result: Proposal passed. Activated Project ECA.

"I would just like to propose one more thing," 10 said
"Go ahead" replied 1
"We need to promote someone to O5 Level in order to manage each individual Sub division."

Proposal: Recruit and instate O5's in order to better manage subdivisions of Project ECA.
Proposed: 10
Votes for: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
Votes against:
Result: Proposal passed. Started Looking for potential Candidates.

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