Site Rules

Alright let's start,

you are not allowed to have more than two accounts for writing articles on this wiki, this will result in a ban of all extra accounts.
Respect the mods/Admins. (Please don't be dumb)

Character pages:
You are allowed one page for your RP character and then additional pages for characters that are just about in tales.
Have to be semi appropriate, slightly informative as well.

All pages below must include this code at the top of the article:

[[module Rate]]

If tales include NSFW content they have to be labelled with a visible warning or face deletion/Admin Change.
Deletion for tale pages happens if a tale page holds at -15 rating for 24 hours.
Tale pages can be collaborative.
If you edit a tale and delete everything it counts as vandalism and is a permanent ban.

Follow the Template on the page, Each page must include the rating module.
Anomaly-1 Is not to be touched and the anomalies browsing page is only to be touched to add page titles unless you have permission from the master admin. For the Status, the site default is: In Use, Contained, Neutralized, Uncontained.
Pages are given a 48 Hour timer at -3 Votes (Might change based on members), Speeds up to 24-hour deletion if reach -5 votes, if reach -10 votes 12-hour deletion.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License