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Tales are stories that are intertwined into the canon of this site and the canon that we use in roleplay
You can create a tale by using the New Tale form below.

Notice: Pages created using this form will automatically be categorised as a tale. For non-tale pages, use the generic page form at the bottom of this page.

Character Pages

Character Pages are personal pages that are free to be designed, and can be managed however you want they should represent both your tales and your RP character. All these pages are automatically catergorised as character pages. You are only allowed one character page any additional ones will be deleted if we cannot contact you to ask about which one you would like.

Goi Format

GOI Formats are groups of interest that involve, ECA's operation


Anomaly's are the designation for SCP's inside of the Initiative, please input the names into the box as Anomaly-[Insert your Number here] This helps stop anomalies from repeating over and over, so that we don't get that confused. Just a notice this page is now outdated as i would prefer you clicked on an empty link in the Anomalies tab but if you are doing it this way please check the page is free first. Thanks.

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