Welcome to the ECA Initiative your probably wondering what this is about, let me tell you.

This Site is basically my RP/Own Personal Head Canon of the SCP foundation, it basically takes place where Giant generational colony ships have been sent out to explore further than any human being has been before. This is the story of the foundation personnel on the sites aboard those ships and how they experience their life.

Facts about headcanon

Just a Quick couple of Key facts about this headcanon there are two New O5's O5-14 and O5-15. Yes, they do have an unholy amount of 006 and yes there is new SCP's no they don't have to be on the list on the SCP Foundation wiki.

Site Staff

Head admin: DoppyRex
Admin: Sliddy08, Gandalf the Gray
Moderators: Shadow trout

If you want to apply for staff on the website you must be decently active here and have at least a story under your belt. After that Pm me.

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