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The H.I.S.S. (Hunters of irregular and savage strays) are a group of hunters who are aware of the unnatural organism such as Anomaly-11 and contain or hunt them. They work alongside other organisations to track down 'stray' which is their term for the irregular organisms. They classify their 'stray' in 3 groups:

Omega-which means they are not much of a threat only a small unit needed to bring them down.

Beta-which means that they have the ability to harm or kill and usually are more aggressive then Omegas requires a large unit and a planned ambush to bring down.

Alpha-which is the most dangerous and usually have the ability to destroy whole cities or so dangerous can't be contained without severe amounts of casualty. They are usually just monitored by a safe distance or potentially a whole division will attempt to kill it if far away from large numbers of people.

They were founded in ████ by Commander █████ to make sure people were safe from strays which could potentially cause harm to humanity.

They have ██ assets in containment which are mostly Omegas as Betas are usually killed on sight and Alphas usually take years to kill. They also study the strays in containment for useful properties, usually for medicines and weaponry.

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