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Anomaly Number: #3
Status: In Use
Description: Anomaly-3 is a standard-issue TPD rucksack that can conjure any non-living item that the bag has enough stored mass to produce and can fit through the opening of the bag. The only known person capable of using the anomaly successfully is O6-█████. The bag came into TPD custody after being discovered by O7-██ who noticed the discrepancy between O6-█████ report of the breach at Site-██ and the equipment that had been supplied to O6-█████ this was originally just assumed to be bad record-keeping and was ignored up until more and more items were being described to have been used in O6-█████ reports that were not assigned to O6-█████ resulting in a search of O6-█████ personal belongings and discovery of Anomaly-3. It is believed since the O6 knows about the anomalous properties of the bag the O6 might be anomalous himself. O6-█████ is to be redesignated as Anomaly control and Anomaly-3. O6-█████ is to be allowed free roam of Site-██. O6 Is allowed full free roam.
Use Protocol: O6-█████ is only allowed to use the anomaly and can use it to generate any object that he can think off that is not living.

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